Vita ELKO d.o.o.成为Wireless-Tag在塞尔维亚、斯洛文尼亚、克罗地亚、波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那、马其顿、 黑山共和国、保加利亚等国的工业品代理商

2018/6/29 11:35:40

About Vita ELKO d.o.o.

Vita ELKO ltd. is electronic components distributor, also providing application tooling and accessories.

VitaELKO is largest supplier of electronic components and industrial automation systems on Serbian market.

Our business is currently divided into 3 main areas:

  • distribution of broad range of electronic components: semiconductors, passive electronic and electromechanical components;
  • distribution of system automata elements, industrial equipmenta nad sensors;
  • manufacturing, assembling and sale of connectors, post&box, D-SUB, edge, IC sockets...

Company was founded in 1987 as small handicraft workroom for production and folding of post and box connectors at the license of CONECTRAL company, which is today a member of FCI. Soon, we adopted production of D-SUB connectors and professional IC sockets completing our basic offer to market.