Elettroshop by Inware成为Wireless-Tag在意大利市场在线代理商

2018/6/29 11:24:36

   Wireless-Tag Technology Co. Ltd., a supplier of wireless connectivity modules, today announced that Elettroshop has been appointed as Wireless-Tag online distributor the Italian market, for all RF products including Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, LoRa™ and ISM RF Modules. With Elettroshop strong coverage and long history in serving the Italian industry, the Makers community, R&D consultants, educational institutions and universities, Wireless-Tag will strengthen its local coverage and support for those customers. Under the terms of the franchise agreement,Elettroshop will sell and support wireless connectivity products and solutions from Wireless-Tag to customers.

    “The broad market is very important for the IoT and connectivity, we see lots of startups and new ideas from this market are actually leading IoT technology developmentsWireless-Tag is focused on the mass market with its easy use and cost competitive tools and products, thanks to the cooperation with Elettroshop, we can further extend our support to the Italian mass market, where world-famous makers and open source tools have originally started” says Iven Mu, General Manager of Wireless-Tag

Antonio Cirella, CEO of Inware commented: “As the historical and preferred Italian online distributor, Elettroshop by Inware is pleased to add Wireless Tag, a leading IoT and M2M solution provider, to its portfolio. Wireless Tags highly integrated, low power and easy to design Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth™, LoRa® and Zigbee® modules, supported by high performance but affordable design kits, are a great value for our industrial customers, Makers, R&D consultants, educational institutions and universities.”


About Wireless-Tag

    Wireless-Tag Technology Co Ltd. Was founded in 2012.  We design and manufacture wireless connectivity modules including Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, LoRa™ and ISM RF. We are the leading supplier of wireless modules and solutions for electronic market including IoT, smart grid, wireless communication, home appliance, industry automation. Wireless-Tag products target the global market and therefore are the CE/FCC/RoHS certified. For more information, please visit: www.wireless-tag.com

About Inware:

    Inware is a leading supplier of highly innovative technology products. Founded in 2000, Inware is able to offer in the Italian market, interesting and convenient solutions to electronics designers and integrators. Inware business is carried out through two main websites: www.elettroshop.com  (online since 1998), the e-commerce site and www.ie-cloud.it  the community site and blog content. The presence of Inware in social media as Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, complements traditional promotion activities like customers meetings and participation to trade shows. For more information, please visit www.inware.it/en/ and www.elettroshop.com.