Wireless-Tag Co.为2015纽约制汇节赞助商

2018/6/29 11:22:23

   Wireless—Tag attended the 2015 New York Maker Faire on Sep 26th and 27th. The General Manger Mr. Mu and engineering support team joined this event and introduced its hero products and solutions there.

    Product includes: WT8266 Low Cost Wi-Fi Module, WT51822 BLE Module, WT900M Lora module and other new products

    Solution: IoT lab kits, Wi-Fi Lights, Wi-Fi temp, humility control systems.

    The solutions and products are very welcomed by makers in the Maker Faire. Wireless-Tag invited some customers to experience the demo by their own smart phone. All those experience give customer a very direct and deep impression about the connectivity product and solutions.